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Applying Wrappers

The most common way of using Resolver Wrappers is with the embed Resolver Map Middleware function which can return a Middleware that applies an array of Resolver Wrappers, in order.

In this example embed produces a Middleware that applies the logWrapper. Using the higlight option on embed, Resolvers are selectively applied based on which parts of the schema are "highlighted". Here, all Field Resolvers (denoted bby "*") on the "Query" type are applied with the logWrapper.

import { logWrapper } from "graphql-mocks/wrapper";

const loggerMiddleware = embed({
wrappers: [logWrapper]

// Optionally, a highlight argument can be passed in
// to control which Resolvers the Wrappers are applied to
highlight: (h) => h.include(field(['Query', '*'])),

For more details on embed, and layer (which also has a wrappers option), check out Managing Resolvers with Middlewares.