Available Middlewares

There are many useful Resolver Map Middlewares available to quickly mock and augment GraphQL APIs. Learn how to create your own custom middlewares. Have a useful Resolver Map Middleware to share with the community? Open a PR to add it here.


Manage and manipulate Resolver Maps by using embed to add Resolvers and/or Resolver Wrappers.


Lazily add layering of Resolvers via Resolver Map partials with layer, optionally applying Resolver Wrappers. See the guide for examples.


Using faker.js with the Resolver Map Middleware from @graphql-mocks/faker provides an extremely quick way to automatically mock any GraphQL schema.

  • Automatically mock an entire schema
  • Fallbacks to faker data based on field-name heuristics
  • Configurable faker functions per GraphQL field
  • Provide dynamic ranges for list types

Mirage JS

Note: If starting new it's much easier to use GraphQL Paper which works natively with GraphQL, including connections and relationships. GraphQL Paper solves the same use cases as Mirage but in a GraphQL-first way using the GraphQL Schema with more extensibility and features like events, custom validations and hooks. If starting to migrate from an existing a Mirage setup then using the Mirage JS middleware is likely a good start.

Mirage JS is a tool for aimed at mocking out REST APIs and includes an in-memory store. @graphql-mocks/mirage provides a middleware that leverages uses Mirage to provide stateful GraphQL queries. See the documentation for details and plenty of examples.