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Creating Custom Hooks

Hooks provide a way of accessing different points during a Mutate Transaction with the same operations that are available during the Mutuate Transaction itself.

The current hooks available are:

  • beforeTransaction - Access operations, including the store (via getStore operation), before every provided transaction callback is called
  • afterTransaction - Access operations after every transaction callback is finished

To create a hook provide a hook function, or async function:

export const customBeforeTransactionHook =
async ({ create, find, remove, clone, getStore, queueEvent }) {
// custom hook logic here

Next, add the hook function on the paper instance under the relevant hook name, for example adding a beforeTransaction hook from the previous example:

import { customBeforeTransactionHook } from './custom-hooks';


When an array of hook functions are ran they will be run in order, one after the other, waiting for previous async functions or returned promises to resolve.