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Generating Data with Factories

Note: A better factory operation is in the works but while the api is being ironed out, this works as a great option that can be migrated later.

The create operation in Mutate Transaction callback can be used with factory functions that return spreadable pojos.

For example if we wanted to create a factory for an Actor will the following fields:

type Actor {
firstName: String!
lastName: String!
city: String!

we could create a factory using the Falso package:

import { randFirstName, randLastName, randCity } from '@ngneat/falso';

// alternatively the factory function could also take arguments
export function actorFactory() {
return {
firstName: randFirstName(),
lastName: randLastName(),
city: randCity(),

Then the actorFactory can be used within a Mutate Transaction callback when creating an Actor using the create operation:

import { actorFactory } from './factories/actor';

paper.mutate(({ create }) => {
return create('Actor', {
// spread the result of calling the factory function

// any overrides can be specified
firstName: 'First Name Override'