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Handler State

The GraphQLHandler provides a state object that is available within Middlewares, Wrappers, and Resolvers. It is generically available for persisting anything across the duration of an instance of GraphQLHandler.

const handler = new GraphQLHandler({
dependencies: { graphqlSchema }

const { state } = handler;

For example for testing the @graphql-mocks/sinon installs spies on the resolvers for testing, and these are made available on the state object.

import { GraphQLHandler, embed } from 'graphql-mocks';
import { spyWrapper } from '@graphql-mocks/sinon';

const spyMiddleware = embed({ wrappers: [spyWrapper] });

const handler = new GraphQLHandler({
middlewares: [spyMiddleware],
dependencies: { graphqlSchema },

await handler.query(`{ hello }`);