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GraphQL has proven itself to be a powerful tool in building APIs. A single GraphQL endpoint supports an extremely flexible query language. This has created a challenge in mocking and creating mock APIs. Unlike other libraries, graphql-mocks does not use a single method of configuration or convention to setup mock GraphQL APIs. Instead it provides a set of composable tools and utilities that can be used together to flexibly create a mock GraphQL API.

🔋 Batteries Included

Testing, mocking or prototyping, use graphql-mocks with its GraphQL utilities, Resolver Map Middlewares and Resolver Wrappers to get started. Use the GraphQL Paper for out-of-the-box stateful queries using an in-memory store. The spyWrapper can be used to wrap Sinon spies around resolvers easily in tests. The logWrapper quickly gives insights into logging Resolver activity. The application of these, and more, can be conditionally applied to your GraphQL schema using a query-like technique called Highlight. The layering of all of these creates a reusable, declarative system for creating mock GraphQL APIs.

🛠 Tools Included, too

Managing the GraphQL API surface area of a Resolvers under different mock scenarios can be tricky. That's why this library provides common GraphQL utilities, typescript types, and the APIs to easily create Resolver Map Middlewares and Resolver Wrappers to help organize and speed up development. Together, these allow for the creation of reusable abstractions around common scenarios and contexts to organize and mock any GraphQL API. The out-of-the-box Resolver Wrappers and Resolver Map Middlewares are built on the same underlying APIs. General-purpose abstractions can be shared with the community to help others bootstrap and prototype APIs more quickly.

✌🏽💜 Share Feedback and Questions

There's still lots of possibilities that are under development and being explored. I would love to hear any ideas, comments or feedback.